Comparison of Redwood Species

 Comparison of Dawn Redwood, Coast Redwood, and Giant Sequoia. From Chaney 1950; Munz 1959; Stebbins 1948. From NPS "The Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada" updated 2007

 Dawn Redwood
Coast Redwood
(Sequoia sempervirens)
Giant Sequoia

SizeHeight-to 140 ftto about 370 ftto about 310 ft
 Diameter-to 6 ftto 16 ftto 35 ft
LeavesNeedle-liketwo types; needle-like and awl-shapedawl-shaped
 with small stalksessillesessile
Bear short shoots in opposite pairsbear short shoots in alternate arraybear short shoots in alternate array
Short branchletsLeaves oppositeleaves in spiralsleaves in spirals
 leaves in two rowsleaves in two rows except at tipsleaves in spirals
Seed ConesAbout 1 inch long0.75-1.50 inches long2-3 inches long
 deciduoussome persistent but open after first seasonpersistent and may remain green 20 years
 scales oppositescales in spiralsscales in spirals
 seeds in one row on each scaleseeds in one row on each scaleseeds in two rows on each scale
 mature in one seasonmature in one seasonmature in two seasons
Pollen Cones (staminate)scales oppositescales spiralscales spiral
Chromosomes22 per diploid cell66 per diploid cell22 per diploid cell